Howard Grace and Amina Khalid

Howard Grace and Amina Khalid, both from Initiatives of Change, talk with William Morris on Education, on world unity, and on religion.

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones is a parliamentary candidate for the UK Independence Party (UKIP). She discusses Islam and integrationalism in Britain today, as well as women’s rights, and the forthcoming British General Election.

Amina Khalid

Amina Khalid works for the Somali Initiative for Democracy and Dialogue as well as Initiatives of Change’s Sustainable Communities programme. She was born in Somalia and arrived in the UK as a refugee with her family when she was a child. With Amina, we discuss her life in Somalia, her journey to the UK and her life here.

Anoor Shimshad

Turkish journalist Anoor Shimshad on Turkish cuisine, on the situation in Turkey, and on the major challenges facing Turkey as a result of the Syrian war.

Roger and Monica Spooner

Professor Roger and Dr Monica Spooner, co-founders of the Balfour Project on the one hundredth anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, talk on the history of the Palestine-Israel conflict, on the Balfour Project, and on prospects for peace.