Adel Darwish with William Morris

William Morris of the Next Century Foundation in discussion with Adel Darwish reviewing current news and events: Is Parliament’s allocation of time and resources to alleged sexual harassment becoming blown out of all proportions? BBC stars threatening a Christmas walk out because those highly paid stars are made to pay tax like the rest of us; University Students being marked down when their essays suggest Brexit economic benefits; famous stars how much they make per-day? Bill Gates makes £7.1 while Theresa May only makes 400 quid. Do we burn Guy Fawkes on November 5th because he was Catholic or because he wanted to blow up Parliament?

Jonathan Fryer

UK Liberal Democrat politician, Jonathan Fryer, talks about Liberalism and the resurgence of the Liberal Party in the UK, about Brexit, and about British Liberal Foreign Policy.

Howard Grace and Amina Khalid

Howard Grace and Amina Khalid, both from Initiatives of Change, talk with William Morris on Education, on world unity, and on religion.

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones is a parliamentary candidate for the UK Independence Party (UKIP). She discusses Islam and integrationalism in Britain today, as well as women’s rights, and the forthcoming British General Election.

Tam Fowles

Tam Fowles is Director of Hope in the Heart, a not for profit social enterprise based in the South West of Britain and committed to inspiring individuals, groups and communities to create positive change in their own lives and the wider world.

The three topics discussed in this interview are: Compassion; and South Africa; and Community Cohesion in Britain today.



Mark Watts

Mark Watts is the former editor-in-Chief of ‘Exaro’, the investigative news website that specialises in exposing stories that may have been inadequately covered by the mainstream media. Mark has also worked with many national newspapers, including The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph.  In 2001 he founded the Freedom of Information Act Centre, known by its acronym as the FIOA Centre. Mark is the author of ‘The Fleet Street Sewer Rat’, published in 2005 by Artnik.  The book exposes the dark underworld of investigative journalism.

The three topics of discussion in this interview are the current establishment protest happening across the world, the role of the media and investigative journalism, particularly the role of the whistle blower.

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones is one of five candidates bidding to succeed Nigel Farage as leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). She is also an elected member of the party’s National Executive Committee. With Elizabeth we discussed the need for reform in the British political system, European migration policy and the root causes of extremism.

Lord Archie Hamilton

Lord Hamilton, Baron Hamilton of Epsom, is a member of the Conservative Party and has been a member of the House of Lords since 2005. He is chairman of the European Atlantic Group, a charity aimed at strengthening transatlantic links. With Lord Hamilton, we discuss the relationship between Britain and Europe, migration in Europe as well as extremism.

Amina Khalid

Amina Khalid works for the Somali Initiative for Democracy and Dialogue as well as Initiatives of Change’s Sustainable Communities programme. She was born in Somalia and arrived in the UK as a refugee with her family when she was a child. With Amina, we discuss her life in Somalia, her journey to the UK and her life here.

David Hencke

David Hencke is an award-winning investigative journalist who formerly wrote for The Guardian and now works for Exaro and as the Westminster correspondent for Tribune. We discuss the Middle East peace process and the relationship between pragmatism and idealism in British politics today.