The Debate – The EU Refugee Deal

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV hosts discussions about European leaders’ deal to avert a migrant crisis. William Morris, secretary-general of The Next Century Foundation, and Kenneth Fero, filmmaker and lecturer at Coventry University, exchange views about the success of the Europeans in stemming the flow of migration.

The Debate – Russia’s presidential election

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Bill Jones, an editor at the Executive Intelligence Review, from Washington, and William Morris, the secretary general of the Next Century Foundation, from London, to discuss the local and international implications of the next Russian presidential election.

Davis Lewin and David Isaacs

Davis Lewin is Deputy Director and Head of Policy & Research at The Henry Jackson Society. David Isaacs is a lawyer with a personal interest in international affairs. They discuss peace in the Middle East, U.S. Middle East Policy, and God.

Ralph Land

Ralph Land discusses the re-emergence of populism, migration, and Russia’s role in the world today.