Ahmed Hussein Adam

Ahmed Hussein Adam is a prominent Sudanese politician and scholar from Darfur. He is a Visiting Fellow at Cornell University’s Institute for African Development (IAD).

He discusses Darfur, Sudan, and peace in Sudan, as well as the role of the International Community.

Sir Michael Burton

Sir Michael Burton is a former British Diplomat in the Foreign and Commonwealth office. He has worked in a number of Arab countries. In 1985 he was appointed Minister and Deputy Commandant in the British Military Office in Berlin for 5 years. He later became Head of British Embassy office in Berlin. In this interview Sir Michael discussed the Middle East, the historical East/West divide in Europe and Brexit.

Christopher Deane

Christopher Deane works in sales, transport and business logistics. He lives in New Zealand and has traveled widely, and he has stood witness to dramatic changes, particularly in countries such as Afghanistan. With Christopher, we discuss the root causes of conflict, the economic motives that drive conflict forward and the role of media.

David Hencke

David Hencke is an award-winning investigative journalist who formerly wrote for The Guardian and now works for Exaro and as the Westminster correspondent for Tribune. We discuss the Middle East peace process and the relationship between pragmatism and idealism in British politics today.

Roger and Monica Spooner

Professor Roger and Dr Monica Spooner, co-founders of the Balfour Project on the one hundredth anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, talk on the history of the Palestine-Israel conflict, on the Balfour Project, and on prospects for peace.