The Debate – The EU Refugee Deal

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV hosts discussions about European leaders’ deal to avert a migrant crisis. William Morris, secretary-general of The Next Century Foundation, and Kenneth Fero, filmmaker and lecturer at Coventry University, exchange views about the success of the Europeans in stemming the flow of migration.

Howard Grace and Amina Khalid

Howard Grace and Amina Khalid, both from Initiatives of Change, talk with William Morris on Education, on world unity, and on religion.

Lord Judd

Lord Judd, former Minister for the Navy, former Minister for Overseas Development and former Minister of State for the Foreign Office in discussion on Africa, on Migration and on Donald Trump:

Ralph Land

Ralph Land discusses the re-emergence of populism, migration, and Russia’s role in the world today.

Veronica Morris & Martina Villa

Veronica Morris is an active member of the Next Century Foundation and Initiatives of Change. Martina Villa is a Law Graduate from the School of Oriental and African Studies. She is passionate about supporting refugees and working out long term solutions from a legal and political perspective.

They discuss migration, minorities, and FGM.

Verity Marshall

Verity Marshall, an English actress and Human Rights Campaigner speaks about her experiences volunteering with Syrian refugees in Greece.

Shafiq Siddiqui

Indian born businessman and raconteur, Shafiq Siddiqui talks on Freedom, Nationalism, and Migration