Dr Jawad Mella

Former President of the Kurdish National Congress, Dr Jawad Mella discusses the situation of Kurdistan, aspirations for a Kurdish state, and the role of the international community.


Father Nadim Nassar

Our guest on ANN was Father Nadim Nassar who is the only Syrian Priest in the Church of England, the director and co-founder of the Awareness Programme as well as a member of churches together, Britain and Ireland’s theological advisory group. Our topics of discussion were Syria, Iraq and Western Policy.

Mithal Al-Alusi

Mithal Al-Alusi, a Sunni Iraqi from Anbar province and a member of Iraq’s parliament. With Mithal we discuss the state of Iraq; prospects for democracy and stability in Iraq today; and the possible way forward.

Mark Berger

Mark Berger, founder and chief executive of Alpha Gates, a support company working with international companies in difficult arenas, is an ex soldier who cut his teeth in Iraq. With Mark we discuss the Iraq currency exchange; trading and cultural assimilation; and banking.