Mark Watts

Mark Watts is the former editor-in-Chief of ‘Exaro’, the investigative news website that specialises in exposing stories that may have been inadequately covered by the mainstream media. Mark has also worked with many national newspapers, including The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph.  In 2001 he founded the Freedom of Information Act Centre, known by its acronym as the FIOA Centre. Mark is the author of ‘The Fleet Street Sewer Rat’, published in 2005 by Artnik.  The book exposes the dark underworld of investigative journalism.

The three topics of discussion in this interview are the current establishment protest happening across the world, the role of the media and investigative journalism, particularly the role of the whistle blower.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith is a freelance journalist and author working with Initiatives of Change. He is head of business programmes for Initiatives of Change UK and joint co-ordinator, UK, of Caux Initiatives for Business. He is one of the coordinators of IofC’s initiatives on ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy’ in Caux, Switzerland and in the UK, and is the author of a book of that title (Caux Books and St Paul Press, India, 2009). It follows his earlier book, Beyond the Bottom Line. He is also the author of a booklet, The Sound of Silence–how to find inspiration in the age of information, written for the websurfing generation which has been translated into several languages. Mike Smith has also authored The Fullness of Life: reflections on the Lord’s Prayer for today’s world (2012).

David Vickers

David Vickers, International Advisor at Blue Mission, a non governmental organisation promoting peace education in Lebanon, talks on refugees, on integrity, and on interfaith dialogue.