Hugh Nowell and Christine Channer

Hugh Nowell and Christine Channer, are siblings who have committed a large portion of their lives to Initiatives of Change or Moral Rearmament as it was once called. In this interview, they will discuss their journey through a life guided by the principles of the movement. At a time of great political change in the Western world, one in which the old political guard have vacated offices of power, Hugh and Christine also provide us with a unique insight into the impact the Media has on politics and also of the taut race relations in America today.


Chaz Singh and Saranjit Kaur

Chaz Singh and his wife Saranjit Kaur are Sikhs currently live in Plymouth. In this interview, Mr Singh and his wife discuss their spiritual journey in life as well as the virtues the Sikh religion seeks to promote. As a Labour councillor for a ward in Plymouth, Mr Singh is passionate about inclusivity and continually strives for increased community cohesion in diverse urban cities. Finally, Mr Singh, who stood unsuccessfully as a member of Parliament in 2010, will be discussing the key obstacles facing the UK as it negotiates its exit from the European Union,  and the Kingdom’s role in the New World Order.