Howard Grace and Amina Khalid

Howard Grace and Amina Khalid, both from Initiatives of Change, talk with William Morris on Education, on world unity, and on religion.

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones is a parliamentary candidate for the UK Independence Party (UKIP). She discusses Islam and integrationalism in Britain today, as well as women’s rights, and the forthcoming British General Election.

Davis Lewin and David Isaacs

Davis Lewin is Deputy Director and Head of Policy & Research at The Henry Jackson Society. David Isaacs is a lawyer with a personal interest in international affairs. They discuss peace in the Middle East, U.S. Middle East Policy, and God.

Majed Etwijiri and Edward Tebbutt

Majed Etwijiri and Edward Tebbutt are Interns at the Next Century Foundation who both share a strong interest in the Middle East. They discuss Libya, Nationalism, and Religion.

Dr Hooshang Amirahmadi

Professor Hooshang Amirahmadi, the founder and president of American-Iranian Council discusses Iran and the 2017 election, International Affairs, and Democracy.

Dr Jawad Mella

Former President of the Kurdish National Congress, Dr Jawad Mella discusses the situation of Kurdistan, aspirations for a Kurdish state, and the role of the international community.