Ralph Land

Ralph Land discusses the re-emergence of populism, migration, and Russia’s role in the world today.


Ahmed Hussein Adam

Ahmed Hussein Adam is a prominent Sudanese politician and scholar from Darfur. He is a Visiting Fellow at Cornell University’s Institute for African Development (IAD).

He discusses Darfur, Sudan, and peace in Sudan, as well as the role of the International Community.

Alice Carter & Isabel Carter

Alice Carter works for Civil Service and has experience in the Department for Work and Pensions and the Ministry of Defence. She is interested in digital and technological development and in Africa where she worked for the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. Isabel Carter is a Junior Lawyer in London focused on International Human Rights Law, and the Law of Armed Conflict. She is interested in using legal frameworks to improve conditions around the world.

They discuss war zones and conflict, the media and its role in conflict zones, International Law, and Disempowerment.