The Debate – Israel’s anti-Iran allegation

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Michael Springmann, an author and former US diplomat, from Washington, and William Morris, the secretary general of the Next Century Foundation, from London, to discuss Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s anti-Iran allegation of secretly working to develop nuclear weapons.


The Debate: US position over Iran nuclear deal

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducts an interview with Kaveh Afrasiabi, author and political scientist from Boston, and William Morris, the Secretary General of the Next Century Foundation, from London, to discuss Washington’s position over Iran’s nuclear deal and Tehran’s possible response.


Iran’s Defense Capability

Iran marks National Army Day with a military parade. Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani not only emphasized Iran’s right to develop its national deterrence power, he stressed that the country would not wait for permission to produce the defensive weapons it needs. We look at Iran’s regional role, especially regarding its neighbors.

Press TV Debates Trump’s moves

US, England and France say they will attack Syria again if Damascus uses chemical weapons again. This claim has never been proven and has been denied by the Syrian government many times. Nonetheless, Washington could not wait for the Organization of Prohibited Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to investigate and determine who is really at fault and instead initiated a missile attack on this sovereign nation which is illegal under international law.

On PBS with Mark Hambley on Iran and Yemen

With former U.S. Ambassador Mark Hambley, who has served in fourteen different diplomatic positions including several in the Middle East. Hambley and Morris joined Carrie Saldo to discuss why the Arabian Peninsula, a relatively small area of the world, has such a geopolitical impact, and why the United States is involved in the region’s Yemeni Civil War.


The Debate – US Syria Plan

The new US occupation of Syria: that’s what Iran has said about US forces. Meanwhile Syria has said Turkey’s ongoing military operation against Kurdish militants in Syria’s Afrin region is in full violation of international law. This is while Turkey says his country’s army will fight Syrian troops in Afrin if they help the YPG, unless the Syrian army plans to dislodge the Kurdish militants, which Syria has said it would not, since it has made a deal with the Kurdish YPG.

Adel Darwish with William Morris

William Morris of the Next Century Foundation in discussion with Adel Darwish reviewing current news and events: Is Parliament’s allocation of time and resources to alleged sexual harassment becoming blown out of all proportions? BBC stars threatening a Christmas walk out because those highly paid stars are made to pay tax like the rest of us; University Students being marked down when their essays suggest Brexit economic benefits; famous stars how much they make per-day? Bill Gates makes £7.1 while Theresa May only makes 400 quid. Do we burn Guy Fawkes on November 5th because he was Catholic or because he wanted to blow up Parliament?