Father Nadim Nassar

Our guest on ANN was Father Nadim Nassar who is the only Syrian Priest in the Church of England, the director and co-founder of the awareness programme as well as a member of churches together, Britain and Ireland’s theological advisory group. Our topics of discussion were Syria, Iraq and Western Policy.

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones is one of five candidates bidding to succeed Nigel Farage as leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). She is also an elected member of the party’s National Executive Committee. With Elizabeth we discussed the need for reform in the British political system, European migration policy and the root causes of extremism.

Christopher Deane

Christopher Deane works in sales, transport and business logistics. He lives in New Zealand and has traveled widely, and he has stood witness to dramatic changes, particularly in countries such as Afghanistan. With Christopher, we discuss the root causes of conflict, the economic motives that drive conflict forward and the role of media.

Lord Archie Hamilton

Lord Hamilton, Baron Hamilton of Epsom, is a member of the Conservative Party and has been a member of the House of Lords since 2005. He is chairman of the European Atlantic Group, a charity aimed at strengthening transatlantic links. With Lord Hamilton, we discuss the relationship between Britain and Europe, migration in Europe as well as extremism.

Amina Khalid

Amina Khalid works for the Somali Initiative for Democracy and Dialogue as well as Initiatives of Change’s Sustainable Communities programme. She was born in Somalia and arrived in the UK as a refugee with her family when she was a child. With Amina, we discuss her life in Somalia, her journey to the UK and her life here.

David Hencke

David Hencke is an award-winning investigative journalist who formerly wrote for The Guardian and now works for Exaro and as the Westminster correspondent for Tribune. We discuss the Middle East peace process and the relationship between pragmatism and idealism in British politics today.

Ashish Ray

Ashish Ray is an award-winning broadcaster and occasional lecturer on South Asian matters at Oxford University and London School of Economics. We discuss his great uncle, Indian freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, as well as the partition of India and violence versus non-violence as an approach to the situations in India.

Lord Watson



With Lord Watson we discuss the role of Britain in the European Union, education in the United Kingdom, and his book on Churchill’s legacy. Lord Watson was formerly a presenter for the BBC and responsible for communications at the European Commission, and he is currently Chairman of CTN Communications.

Mark Berger

Mark Berger, founder and chief executive of Alpha Gates, a support company working with international companies in difficult arenas, is an ex soldier who cut his teeth in Iraq. With Mark we discuss the Iraq currency exchange; trading and cultural assimilation; and banking.